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Dr. Linda Reese

About Doctor Linda

     Dr. Linda Atlas Reese is one of the most eclectic performers recording today. Two Grands Four Christmas is her return to her first passion, music. Linda was 12 when she astonished her piano teacher by playing an additional bass line with her left foot. At 16, she played the virtuosic piece Brandenburg Concerto #5 (with both feet on the floor) and then went on to double major in music and psychology at Bowdoin College.

     Linda left music behind when she went to Medical School and trained in the US Navy, becoming the Senior Medical Officer at NAS Dallas. Linda's only public performance in the 25 years between her senior recital and this album was at her own wedding in 1993. When not practicing medicine or piano, Linda home schools her 3 prodigious children, all with the unfailing support of her husband, Phil.

     Linda's recent awards include 2007 Coach of the Year for West Side Little League, Fort Worth, and it was recently discovered that she still holds 3 top 10 batting records from her college softball days.

     Since Linda found Adam Chester, she is thrilled to get the sound she has yearned for without using her feet.