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Dr. Linda Reese      Growing up in New England, I played the piano from grade 6 to 16 (college). I then left it by the side of the road to pursue other adventures such as working in a pub in England, traveling through Europe, going to medical school, falling in love, marriage, three children (in that order).

     During medical school I bought an old upright piano, and it is that piano that was in my children's room when they were young. Much to both my pleasure and surprise, I found they went to sleep happier and quicker if I played their same 5 favorite songs. I was amazed when they turned themselves upside down to get their heads closer to the soundboard, which by that time had two cracks in it.

     Through a series of wonderful and unusual circumstances, in November of 2006 I came home to a moving truck in my driveway, unloading a "new piano for mommy" as my children yelled "Surprise!" Fortunately, at ages 8, 10 and 12, they were old enough to feed themselves cereal, as I did not cook for three days.

     I still play the piano while my children go to sleep, and, amazingly to me, they sometimes will crawl right under the 9 foot sound board and go to sleep while I play. Although I effectively did not play for 25 years, I did not stop living, and I enjoyed the depth of sound I was able to create as I started practicing again. I love to play solo, but my favorite sound is created when Adam and I play 2-piano, 4-hand music together.

     Never give up on a passion, idea or dream. Two years ago I was not even looking for a new piano and now I have three CDs to offer for your enjoyment. I hope you find them intensely soothing and perhaps you, too, can fall asleep to them!